Simple Backgammon Strategies for Everyone
Backgammon is not only a popular game, it is in fact a much simplified chess variant. Few people manage to understand the obvious similarities.

Written By: Wendy Lawless
Wednesday, July 29, 2009

For those observing the game of backgammon from the outside, there may not be any logic in how this game evolves from the initial position. However, if we look more closely, we notice that you can somehow associate with the chess table several strategies that most players use.

Besides the most popular backgammon strategies, as in any logic game, backgammon may register larger or smaller variations. If a player wants the backgammon game to be successful, it is essential to understand at least some of the strategies that are particularly important, especially in online backgammon played for money.

Game fluency
Among all types of backgammon, the backgammon game that flows continuously the easiest to play and understand. The simplest example of a fluent game is when the first throw of dice shows 6-5, and so does the second. Then both players will the pieces out of the house. Once that happens, there will be no contact between the two armies and the winner of the backgammon game will be the one who throws the higher dice.

Gate Up
A game of this type is the game where you move pieces back from back at least to the middle point, while your opponent still has the 4th or 5th line from your house.

Gate down
A game can also be characterized by various aspects, but what defines it is the situation when a backgammon player owns the line 1, 2 or 3 of the opponent, while the latter escaped with all pieces. Actually means locking the first player in the other house.

This type of game is the one with the highest chance of vaporization. It is characterized by the desperate attempts of a backgammon player to make a gate in the opponent’s house while the opponent does all it can to prevent this. The game can become long and interesting in this situation.

Finally, we can talk about this strategy. This type of position usually occurs after a player is hit while trying to get out of the house, and then try to mix the hit piece back in his house. Such situations will be encountered many times when pieces are left unprotected on the backgammon table.

There are other situations in which a player must reflect in backgammon. The pieces will bring the table every time something new, especially when the online casino can offer and some variations of the rules. Most backgammon games will evolve into one of the situations listed above. Many games are transforming from one to another: for example, a game of gate up may evolve into a blending game and so on.

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Simple Backgammon Strategies for Everyone
For those observing the game of backgammon from the outside, there may not be any logic in how this game evolves from the initial position....
Written By: Wendy Lawless - Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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